Butte’s ‘One Pill Can Kill’ Community Action Campaign

Butte’s ‘One Pill Can Kill’ Community Action Campaign
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This is part of a Support Local series celebrating the accomplishments of Montana’s Cities and Towns, and the 1st of many celebrating the accomplishments of Butte, America!
Fighting Fentanyl
In response to the fentanyl crisis in our community, state, and nation, Butte was the first to react and we reestablished our Community Action Team. Governor Gianforte came to Butte and met with our Chief Executive, J.P. Gallagher and together they signed and issued a Fentanyl and Opioid Crisis Declaration for Butte-Silver Bow.
One of the outcomes of the Community Action Team is our “One Pill Can Kill” Ad Campaign, funded in partnership with Town Pump. Our first phase of the campaign has been released on every media and social media platform with a link to our KeepButteSafe.com website. In our first phase, we gathered the stories of family members who have gone through the heartbreak and anger of losing a loved one to fentanyl.
Our awareness campaign will go through different phases that will evolve into education, prevention, and resource acquisition for our residents, especially the youth in our community. Along with Town Pump, we are now receiving more sponsorships through many local businesses.
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Visit Butte-Silverbow’s website for additional resources

Our communities play an important role in our daily lives. They provide the governance & infrastructure that embrace our values, maintain our public space, support business & keep us safe.

Become & stay involved locally, attend public meetings, share your voice. Volunteer for boards & commissions, encourage your neighbors & friends to become involved! Support local business! Celebrate Local! Support Local!

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