Flathead Beacon - Flathead County growth slows

a range of economic factors have blunted the spike even as growing pains persist

Flathead Beacon - Flathead County growth slows
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Read the article at the Flathead Beacon by Maggie Dresser
“City managers in Kalispell, Whitefish and Columbia Falls say construction remains strong but there are fewer applications for building permits rolling through their offices since the peak in 2021.
“We definitely had that peak in ’21 … There’s no doubt we’re seeing a cooling of the residential industry and there are numerous factors going into it,” Kalispell City Manager Doug Russell said.
Russell said labor shortages, supply chain issues and interest rates are slowing the building process down.
In Whitefish, City Manager Dana Smith said 2020 was a peak year with almost 300 housing units permitted through the city. During that year, 138 units of those were multifamily units and 92 permits were single-family. But in 2021, there were 129 single-family permits.
“We’re seeing more high-end homes, which results in more affordability issues,” Smith said.
olumbia Falls City Manager Susan Nicosia said developers have been focusing on commercial construction, which includes $24 million in new school buildings and the $17 million Glacier Gateway Elementary School.
“Our bread and butter has been commercial projects … in terms of economic development and stability, investment in schools is one of the best tools for our community,” Nicosia said”

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