‘Force’ - Bill would Force Montana Cities to Allow Smaller Home Lots

The bill was opposed by a string of local government officials, who argued that passing it would strip authority for land use decisions away from the people who are best positioned to assess the situations and needs of their particular communities

‘Force’ - Bill would Force Montana Cities to Allow Smaller Home Lots
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In opposing HB337, Montana League of Cities & Towns (MLCT) Executive Director Kelly Lynch told the committee that a comprehensive land use planning and housing solution is necessary. This much needed reform will be introduced by the MLCT that meets the needs of Montana communities, large and small, while addressing the concerns raised by advocates of 337.
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from the article:
“Kelly Lynch, the executive director of the Montana League of Cities and Towns, said local governments plan to introduce an alternative land use planning and housing measure that has been in the works for more than a year.
Lynch acknowledged that smaller lot sizes might be a good housing strategy, but said they should be considered as part of comprehensive land use planning reform….”
“…Reducing or eliminating minimum lot sizes isn’t, like, the magic trick,” she said. “It is one of the things that can be used and might help in some communities as a package of reforms.”
“It shouldn’t be forced on every community regardless of circumstances,” Lynch added.
While some Montana cities, such as Helena, have acted independently of the Legislature to strike minimum lot sizes from their development codes in recent years, such development requirements remain on the books in others…”

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