Independent Record - Pro Growth East Helena to Quadruple Housing Stock Next Decade

With major housing and commercial developments planned by Helena Area Habitat for Humanity and Billings-based Oakland Companies among others, the town stands to gain around 2,300 mixed-income housing units, a manufacturing facility and a new commercial district just south of U.S. Highway in the next two to three years

Independent Record - Pro Growth East Helena to Quadruple Housing Stock Next Decade
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Read the article in the Helena Independent Record by Nolan Listor
"We're doing that for not only future growth but for existing residents," Feist said. "We're making sure this is done responsibly and will provide opportunities for residents."
East Helena's Public Works Department is contracting out residential development plan reviews to Helena-based WWC Engineering and engineering firm Robert Peccia and Associates.
East Helena Public Works Director Kevin Ore said the city is turning around residential plan reviews in about a week.
Local developer Mark Runkle recently told the Independent Record the city of Helena's turnaround time for such reviews lately have eclipsed four months.
Helena's Public Works Department, amid numerous vacancies within its engineering staff, similarly began contracting out grant writing work to Great West Engineering and is in the process of hiring more engineers to tackle the backlog.
Helena City Commissioner Andy Shirtliff said "East Helena has done it right."
"They've teamed up with the private sector, applied for grants, they're laying all new pipes," Shirtliff said. "East Helena is planning for the next decade."
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