Kalispell Business eligible for C-PACE energy efficiency upgrades

“The Kalispell City Council and Yellowstone County Commissioners approving a C-PACE program is a testament to their passion for and commitment to Montana businesses,” said Scott Osterman, Director of the Montana Department of Commerce. “We foresee many more cities and counties adopting this beneficial program.”

Kalispell Business eligible for C-PACE energy efficiency upgrades
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Read the press release at the Montana Department of Commerce
“PACE is a new financing tool which can help Montana businesses save money through energy efficiency upgrades, renewable energy investment or water conservation. Businesses within a C-PACE district can apply for and receive energy efficiency upgrades on their buildings at preferable rates and terms with the added advantage of savings on energy costs. Ten local governments have now approved C-PACE, making over 53% of Montana commercial buildings eligible for C-PACE financing.
“We have a handful of potential projects already underway in Yellowstone County and in the City of Kalispell,” said Adam Gill, Executive Director of MFFA. “These C-PACE approvals open the gates for small, medium and larger businesses to take advantage of the program and to recognize savings. We appreciate the City of Kalispell and Yellowstone County for their business-focused decisions and look forward to working with them.”
C-PACE is a fit for most industries, including farms, commercial office buildings, nonprofit organizations and multi-tenant buildings. Common investments include solar panels, HVAC systems, lighting, motors and more”
Learn more about the CPACE program at lastbestpace.com
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