KEIC - Missoula looking to update zoning, land use policies

Ultimately the goal is to create an inclusive vision for future growth, modernize development regulations and guide critical code changes

KEIC - Missoula looking to update zoning, land use policies
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“Missoula’s current land-use regulations constrain housing affordability in two ways, by encouraging larger and more expensive homes in certain zone districts, and secondly, by construing the overall supply of homes in general,” said Jamin Kimmel, an urban planner for Cascadia Partners . “Missoula’s zoning concentrates new housing developments in lower income neighborhoods and this increases the risk of displacement and gentrification.”
Experts identified concerns such as housing affordability, density levels, vulnerability to gentrification and increased access to opportunities and services.
Phase two won’t make sweeping changes to city code or policy, but leaders hope it will open a discussion about what needs to be done.
“We want to be really thoughtful about how we approach equity in our land use code how we make our community grow in a more equitable pattern and manner moving forward,” said Missoula Mayor Jordan Hess.
The city is looking for input on factors like equity, affordability, transportation and open space.
They plan to engage community members to share ideas and concerns about Missoula’s recent growth and development.
This phase calls for an action plan toward creating a new unified development code”

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