KRTV - Grant provides funding for Choteau dog park

On June 7th, 2022, the city council approved the plan to create the dog park

KRTV - Grant provides funding for Choteau dog park
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See the article at KRTV by Cade Menter
Choteau mayor Chris Hindoien said, "When Polly and her crew showed up at our city council meeting and said, 'We want to have a dog park,' We at the city said, 'We've got the land, but we don't have the resources to do it, and if you guys can put this together, we'll make sure you have adequate land access and we will help out any way we can.' That put Polly and her crew into motion and amazing things started to happen."
The dog park will be in southeast Choteau across the parking area from the Weatherbeater, next to the railroad tracks. The land once was the livestock loading yard.
The 1.25-acre park will consist of two separate fenced areas for big and little dogs, with separate entrances. The 2 yards will be accessorized with dirt piles for digging, boulders and tree trunks for jumping on and over.
Hindoien added, "Truth be known, this is a true, true testament to the city of Choteau on coming together for something that they support. If this community has any type of momentum behind a project, it's going to get done because regardless of political factions or other things, these people come together like no other. When it's time to serve this community."
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