Mayor Hindoien - Legislators trying to centralize government

The skyrocketing price of homes in Montana isn’t the fault of 127 municipalities and their voters, it falls to the feet of the 78 legislators in Helena trying to centralize government. We know best what we want and need in our communities.

Mayor Hindoien - Legislators trying to centralize government
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Read the editorial at the Daily Inter Lake by Choteau Mayor Chris Hindoien
“So, the knee-jerk reaction from those legislators wanting to stay in the good graces of the governor is simple. Take the ability to levy additional taxes away from the communities, such as open space bonds, public safety levies, infrastructure improvement projects, and make the counties and municipalities subservient to the almighty Legislature, where 78 misguided elected officials can decide if our town(s) are “worthy” of allowing new spending to meet the needs of our communities.
Our current Montana legal framework allows for the local government(s), to levy additional taxes or fees over and above the limitations placed on us by I-105 back in 1986. These levies, if established are done so by vote of the local constituents. This means that both the opponents and the proponents of these levies had equal time and access to sway the voting public to weigh in for or against the increase set forth in the levy.
So, to the senators and representative currently trying to stop the local voice, understand that we, the constituents have willingly increased our taxes by the legal Montana process. This is a result of our democratic system in action. Yes, some communities are more likely to pass levies than others, but nonetheless a one-size-fits all answer does not solve the problem, but rather will create a ripple effect of emanating out from the reactionary move of the legislature.
Affordable housing in Montana isn’t due to exorbitant local taxes, it is due to issues nobody wants to admit too, as they don’t make political hay. The tax system in Montana is outdated. It comes from a time when extractive industries of coal, timber, and gas production were in full swing within our state. These industries have withered up to nothing but a few stalwart companies”
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Our communities play an important role in our daily lives. They provide the governance & infrastructure that embrace our values, maintain our public space, support business & keep us safe.

Become & stay involved locally, attend public meetings, share your voice. Volunteer for boards & commissions, encourage your neighbors & friends to become involved! Support local business! Celebrate Local! Support Local!

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