Montana Free Press Explores Short Term Rentals in Bozeman, Montana

From January 2019 until mid-March of this year, the city’s “best estimate” of new dwelling units is 3,378, with another 1,000 or so in the pipeline. But a “significant” portion of those appear poised to become short-term rentals, Cunningham said

Montana Free Press Explores Short Term Rentals in Bozeman, Montana
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“The Bozeman City Commission passed an ordinance in 2017 that implemented zoning requirements for various types of short-term rentals. The ordinance bans short-term rentals that are not owner-occupied in nearly every residential area. In other words, if an out-of-state investor wanted to legally set up an Airbnb in Bozeman, they’d be mostly limited to Main Street, Seventh Avenue and other business districts.
“I think Bozeman’s short-term rental ordinance works really well,” Egge said. “I think it’s a model that should be transported around the state.”
Places that are “overrun” with short-term rentals — Big Sky, Ennis, West Yellowstone, Gardiner — don’t have such zoning rules, Egge added.
On a nightly basis, Ennis offers just fewer than 15 short-term rentals per 100 residents on a given night, the highest rate in the state, according to a report from the governor’s housing task force.”

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