MRN | Choteau Mayor Addresses Property Tax Issue to Community

MRN | Choteau Mayor Addresses Property Tax Issue to Community
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“The intent of the letter is to explain the reasons for the 43% average increase in Teton County, among the highest increases in the state, estimated in 2023. Mayor Chris Hindoien also responds to past suggestions from state lawmakers that local governments are primarily responsible for recent tax increases throughout the state.
“THAT IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE,” Mayor Chris Hindoien wrote in the letter sent this week. “The truth is revenue caps in state law, and local government, the City of Choteau, could only raise your property taxes a very small amount this year. We are limited to one-half the average rate of inflation over the last three years. This means that the City of Choteau could have only raised your local taxes by 2.46%.”
Hindoien went on to explain how he and other local government officials worked to lower the amount of over 20 mills levied in the city to ease the inevitable tax increases in the most recent home property reappraisals.
He also explained how larger reappraisals in the past were largely offset by the governor and legislature lowering the tax rate.
“This past year Governor Gianforte and the legislature chose not to lower the homeowner property tax rate and as a result, the State of Montana raised property taxes for thousands upon thousands of Montana homeowners,” Hindoien wrote.”

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