NBC Montana - AirBnB Continues Growing in Montana

Airbnb officials said they’re seeing an increase in hosts across the Treasure State and the cities leading the way are Bozeman, Missoula and Billings.

NBC Montana - AirBnB Continues Growing in Montana
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““Approximately 255% increase since 2019 for the taxes that we remitted to the state of Montana. So, we’re really happy to be able to support our hosts, but we definitely seen an increase in revenue and hosts hosting of their home in Montana,” said Alex April, senior policy manager for Airbnb.
According to Airbnb, 42% of hosts say hosting allows them to meet the rising cost of living and 33% confirm Airbnb helped them stay in their home.
Host earnings came to approximately $168 million from Oct. 1 in 2021 through Sep. 30 in 2022.
April said the company is proud to be able to provide the benefits needed to help hosts have extra money in their pockets.
“It’s really great as an added-on with changing economy, changing times for people in Montana to be able to find some extra income,” said April.”

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