NBC Montana - Uptown Butte Building Transformed into Housing

This isn’t the only housing project being worked on by Copper Development, and Estes says a low income housing project will be announced soon

NBC Montana - Uptown Butte Building Transformed into Housing
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“My dream was to see this building refurbished, brought back to its original glory. So I got the main floor done, and then it just become apparent to me, personally, that it was going to be a bigger project than I could take on on my own,” said Fisher. “I just didn’t want to see it sitting there, I just didn’t want to see it empty. So my goal has never changed, which is to fill the building and renovate it. So it seemed like the most logical decision was to see if I could get a developer to come in and work on the building. I originally pursued a couple of developers with the idea of retaining ownership. And then I just got to the point if I have to sell it to make it better, that’s just what I’ll do.”
Fisher believes this development will be great for not only her businesses, but the entire area.
“Anytime we can bring more people uptown, the better. And housing is an issue right now, so I’m thrilled,” said Fisher.
“It’s a great addition to uptown here. You can see that there’s quite a few buildings that need renovation, but there’s also a great need for apartments, and actually housing. Butte’s still short on housing, so we’re trying to fill those needs” said Estes.

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