NBC Montana | Phillipsburg Moves Forward with Resort Tax Proposal

The tax would go before voters in either next year’s primary or general election. Ninety days’ notice will need to be provided for it to get on the ballot

NBC Montana | Phillipsburg Moves Forward with Resort Tax Proposal
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Read the article at NBC Montana by Josh Margolis
“The town of Philipsburg is beginning the long process of attempting to implement a resort tax.
Montana Department of Commerce director Scott Osterman wrote in a letter dated Oct. 31 that the state has found that Philipsburg does qualify as a resort community because its population is under 5,500 people and a majority of its economy is directly related to tourism.
Philipsburg has qualified in the past, but had to reapply due to the prior approval sunsetting.
Mayor Daniel Reddish tells NBC Montana that the next steps are outreach and education, including public hearings, and approval is crucial to ensuring the town’s infrastructure can keep up with its growth. He says he considers it more of an infrastructure tax than a resort tax.”

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