The Electric - Great Falls considering code change for multi-family housing

“This proposed code revision would diversify residential development opportunities, further encourage infill, and provide additional financial sources for commercial development projects,” according to the staff report. “Staff believes that the proposed revisions to the land use chapter of the code will have a positive impact on private sector development in the community.”

The Electric - Great Falls considering code change for multi-family housing
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“Commissioners adopted Title 17, the land development code in 2005 and it was been updated multiple times.
Over the last few years, city planned staff has received numerous inquiries from developers regarding multifamily dwellings within the C-2 general commercial zoning district.
Currently, the code prohibits all residential uses in the C-2 district.
Planning staff is recommending a code revision to allow multifamily residential within the C-2 district.
In April, the city planning board voted to recommend approval of the code change.”
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