The Electric - Great Falls sets public hearing for sanitation fee increase

City Commissioners set a public hearing for April 4 on a proposed 10 percent increase for sanitation fees

The Electric - Great Falls sets public hearing for sanitation fee increase
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“The increases are necessary to continue to provide required pickup and disposal services as well as fund the sanitation fleet,.” according to staff.
The increases are also needed due to increased landfill fees and fuel costs, according to staff.
The city’s customer base has also increased and the Public Works department needs the increase to have the flexibility to hire necessary staff.
If approved, the increased rates will generate an increase of about $450,000 in revenue to help offset costs to the sanitation division, according to staff.
Fuel costs are high and staff anticipates that will remain at this level or continue increasing.
Unleaded gas increased by $1.08 per gallon to $4 in 2022 and diesel fuel increased by $1.60 to $4.34, according to staff.
In 2021, the city paid $207,701.31 for fuel.
In 2022, that cost increased to $329,553.55, according to staff, an increase of $121,852.24.

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