Missoula Current - Missoula, Bozeman frustrated as legislature shuns local control

“Instead of giving power to the people at the lowest level, where they're closest to their elected officials, this body has taken that power away and decided it knows what's best for Bozeman, Glendive and everywhere else,” Stafman said.

Missoula Current - Missoula, Bozeman frustrated as legislature shuns local control
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"I am disappointed, but frankly not surprised by the committee's action to table the bill to end the ban on banning plastics,” Missoula City Council president Gwen Jones told the Missoula Current.
“The majority in our current Legislature do not seem to be concerned with trying to moderate their positions or reach a middle ground. Instead, adherence to extreme, uncompromising positions in which state government dictates local action (or inaction) is our current culture. In my opinion, a Legislature dominated by idealogues is dysfunctional.”
The Legislature's hypocritical stance on local control
The Missoula and Bozeman city councils have both passed resolutions asking the Legislature to restore local control in order to address growing concerns over single-use plastics.

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