Support Local! Belgrade City Leaders Addressing Housing

Belgrade Highlights Major Subdivision Developments

Support Local! Belgrade City Leaders Addressing Housing
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Belgrade Major Subdivision Developments
Meadowlark Ranch Phases 5 & 6: 136 Single-Family lots This is a continuation of the more traditional Single-Family lots that have been in the works for many years.
Ashton Meadows: 297 townhouse lots and 396 Single-Family lots This Development is near a brand-new elementary school. It will feature a mix of Single-Family townhouses and apartments.
West Post: 376 lots (mixed use) up to 1464 dwelling units The subdivision was approved as a Planned Unit Development (PUD) to allow for mixed use of Commercial and High Density Residential. The city relaxed zoning requirements to allow for commercial and residential on the same lots. It also features relaxed building heights and all neighborhoods with residences will have access to a trail network which will lead to a centrally located, fully developed park. It was designed with the idea that the housing will provide a workforce for the commercial businesses located within the subdivision.
Jackrabbit Crossing/Yellow Iron: 66 lots (mixed use) up to 1,196 dwelling units Having overcome initial objections from neighbors wanting the property zoned for 5-plus acre horse property, the city council approved R3 and R4 multi-family housing, again increasing building heights to accommodate the dwelling density. This development will also have areas for mixed-use where there will be commercial on the lower level and residential above it. Again, the commercial businesses will have a workforce to draw from in the immediate neighborhood. This will also feature a fully developed park and trail network.
Prescott Ranch: 462 Single-Family lots This subdivision was an approved housing typology that had never been used before in our area – detached townhouses. These Single-Family homes with alley loaded garages are built on 4000 sq. ft. lots, greatly increasing the population density while still providing a very livable neighborhood. The city approved allowances for reduced yard setbacks and increased height allowances, making it possible to build these homes on the 4000 sq. ft. lots.
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